About Us

The VAYA Footwear project is a sneaker business with the primary goal of igniting the hustle fire and ambition in the hearts of South Africans.

The word VAYA is a South African township slang which means “go”, “to go” or “going”. This common word can also be used as motivation to “Go get it!” which actually translates to “chase or go after your dreams.”
In the township sneakers tell our story, and more importantly, they also reveal our ambitions and aspirations as they are a source of confidence. It is from this knowledge that we’ve started VAYA footwear to design and make sneakers that celebrate who you are and give you confidence in going after your dreams.

“Our Sneakers helps ambitious people who want to be successful to realign with their goal, by reminding them of that their dreams are valid and that they can conquer all challenges that may come their way, UNLIKE just offering them fashionable sneakers.”

-Thabang Ledwaba, Brand Manager

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