Vaya Footwear was founded on the principals of overcoming all obstacles to accomplish success. We believe courageous people can achieve everything that they set their minds to, and through lived experience, we know that everybody faces obstacles at some point in their lives. Some of these obstacles can derail us from our dreams or goals. We exists to counter obstacles disguised as failures, fears, doubts, negative thoughts, and rejections by reminding you daily that you can 'VAYA' for your dreams until you 'TRIUMPH'. Go for it! The word VAYA is a South African township slang for 'Go' and that is why we found it fitting to go with it. Go for it, is about going for whatever dream that you have without being fearful or doubtful.


In 2010, an optimistic and determined Themba Makamo quit his job as a journalist from one of South Africa's biggest publications with the aim of inspiring the world through his many ideas. At the time, he believed nothing could go wrong as he had great ideas, savings, a vehicle, a place to stay, and a supportive partner. Fast-forward to two years later, he was left with just 'great ideas' which would eventually begin to fail one at a time. During this interim, bankruptcy, seemed to be the only highlight of his career. Though it seemed like he had lost it all, Themba had one thing he knew he could not afford to lose... HOPE. He knew that in order for him to inspire the world through design and creativity, he needed to stay focused and keep going for his dream. After a decade of going for it, he finally founded VAYA in 2021 and within just 12 months of operation, he found himself running a lucrative business that is inspiring thousands of people to VAYA for their dreams. VAYA is Themba's Triumph after years of failure, heartaches, and rejections. With a great team, VAYA aims to inspire and help people to go for their dreams for we know ambition can overcome any temporary obstacle. #Go4it