Vaya Victory Lap 1 Beige

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Now and again in a journey one reaches a point where they have to be BRAVE, STRONG, and FEARLESS. 

This is the time when you decide to ‘Go For IT’ no matter what it takes.

We call this phase entering into your VICTORY LAP.

Our mission as VAYA is to INSPIRE you to keep GOING until VICTORY is achieved in whatever it is that you’re pursuing.

This is why we are happy to introduce our new range VAYA VICTORY LAP 1 (VVL1). A SHOE for the VICTORIOUS.  

36- 3, 37- 4, 38- 5, 39- 6, 40- 7 (LADIES), 41- 7 (GENTS), 42- 8, 43- 9, 44- 10, 45- 11

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